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Great Hearts Texas - Network Director of Academic Intervention Services

Job Details

Region: 20
School District/Employer: Great Hearts Texas
District Category/Employer: Central Office, Charter/Private
Position: Director
Assignment Level: Level
  • Elementary
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Special Education
  • Staff Development
  • Student Services
Job Title: Network Director of Academic Intervention Services
School: Great Hearts Academies
Campus Description: Company Description

Great Hearts Academies is a non-profit charter management organization (CMO) that operates classical, preparatory, K-12 public charter schools. Our academies cultivate the minds and hearts of students through the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. We currently serve over 20,000 students across Texas and Arizona, with around 7,000 students at our 10 Texas schools. We expect that number to grow to thousands more, including 8,000 students at our campuses in San Antonio, alone. Great Hearts is dedicated to providing additional communities with access to our liberal arts model, and, as the network scales both locally and nationally, we aim to restore excellence to American public education. We proudly prepare students for success at the best colleges and universities in the nation but see our larger purpose as producing great-hearted graduates that are prepared to be intellectual, moral and engaged citizens. Additional information can be found at www.greatheartsamerica.org/careers .
Date Posted: 7/29/2021
Deadline: Until Filled
Openings: 1
Commitment: Full Time
Description/Notes: Position Summary

Effective immediately, Great Hearts Texas is seeking a full time Network Director of Intervention Services. The Director of Intervention Services is responsible for the continued development of a robust, instructional support strategy across our growing network of schools. This leader is responsible for:

Providing instructional leadership training and support
Supporting the district data-informed action and assessment strategy
Designing and implementing strategic school support for turnaround and new schools
Supporting and developing school turnaround and student intervention best-practice strategies
Training in intervention curriculum
Supporting classical pedagogy in the pursuit of truth and the cultivation of lifelong learners
Adding significant value as a member of the Academic Services Team , by contributing to a collaborative, honest, respectful, and solution-oriented team culture.

Roles and Responsibilities

As a member of the Academic Services Team, the Director of Intervention Services is primarily responsible for :

Aligning intervention implementation in the region to the vision and practical particulars of classical, liberal arts education. The Director of Intervention Services is eager to learn and grow in order to support classical, liberal arts education with appropriate systems of data analysis and data-informed instructional initiatives.
Orienting new headmasters to the vision and requirements of accelerated instruction and intervention programs.
Communicating information on intervention programs, services, and regulations to school personnel, parents, the Board and other districts for the purpose of understanding of the intervention programs.
Overseeing state and federal compliance, reporting, and grant processes for the district for all general-education intervention services programs. Prepares documentation and reports data for the purpose of providing written support, conveying information, and complying with Federal and State regulations.
Assisting the regions and schools in the annual budgeting and multi-year planning for resource allocation for intervention systems.
Supporting campuses, Executive Directors, Sr. Dir. of Special Student Services, and regional SSS staff in all elevated legal/due process/civil rights cases related to Child Find and MTSS. Informing Sr. Director of all such cases and consulting as needed. Implementing conflict resolution skills in a variety of situations with staff, families, and the community.
Maintaining consistent intervention policies and best practices across the district, including the regular issuing and updating of an intervention handbook. Writes drafts of District Board policy for intervention as needed or required, for the purpose of assuring program consistency and compliance with state and federal rules in all locations.
Working with Talent, HR, and the Sr. Director to identify intervention staff for campus needs. Supporting target and launch campuses with intervention staff interviews and selections.
Executing professional development for school leaders and intervention team members on an annual and as-needed basis, coordinated with the Sr. Director and with other professional development programs offered by the academic services team.
In coordination with the Sr. Director of Special Student Services and the Regional SSS Directors, ensuring that all staff in the region complete required annual or other trainings related to interventions and MTSS. Ensure that campus special requests for intervention training of staff are met.
Planning and executing region-wide team meetings to ensure a professional and consistent community of campus interventionists.
Maintaining a high level of knowledge regarding developing issues in student intervention, changes in the laws and case law, and educational methods of educating students, for the purpose of supporting an excellent network intervention program. Ensuring that all practices in the region are legal and ethical for each student/family so that each child has the opportunity to achieve at a high level and be prepared for post-secondary success.
Accompanying Sr. Director on campus site visits, when requested, to support headmasters and their instructional teams towards learning excellence.
Serve as District Coordinator of School Improvement for schools on a Targeted Improvement Plan.
Manage the accelerated instruction program across the network, supported by the Academic Services Team.
Support the Sr. Director in District, Campus, and Targeted Improvement Planning.
Qualifications: At the minimum, the right person will bring expertise and a track record of results in the following two areas:

A track record of increasing student learning across a school or schools, particularly among students in the bottom quintiles of performance, economically disadvantaged students, and minority student populations.
Independently diagnosing student, grade-level, department, and school-wide needs and trends
Initiating the right actions and strategies to increase student learning
Leading strong implementation, monitoring, and execution of strategies, tactics, and interventions
Results include significant increases in student learning across multiple subgroups
A track record of leading change across a complex system
The ability to speak clearly and plainly with others while simultaneously strengthening relationships and trust
The right balance of competence, reliability, and relationship that breeds trust and goodwill
A track record of influencing and persuading those who are not direct reports

Qualifications, Competencies, and Strengths

Education and Experience :
Bachelor’s degree is required, and MA or higher preferred. A degree in a liberal arts subject area also preferred.
An interest and curiosity in the content, pedagogy, and purpose of classical education preferred.
At least three years’ experience as a school leader.
Preferred: experience as a principal manager and/or district academic leader.
Servant Leadership : You approach support and leading teams, schools, and systems of schools through a lens of service toward others and ensuring schools are set up for as much success as possible; you believe that only when your team is successful, you are successful; your references echo this behavior and mindset
Talent Coaching and Development : You are an exceptional leader of people; you coach and develop individuals from good to great; you coach and develop individuals from poor to good; you create clarity within roles and build the capacity of everyone around you
Strategic Clarity and Execution : You are a precise, clear thinker who architects and communicates with exceptional clarity and manages processes to move large work forward across a large, complex organization.
Discipline, Transparency, and Humility :
Strong work ethic combined with a high level of professionalism focused on delivering results
Must always be committed to providing excellent customer service under all circumstances
Exceptional communications skills and the ability to build strong relationships
No-drama, face-to-face, and honest approach to collaboration, communication, teams, and community
You consistently (100% of the time) do what you say you’re going to do
Ability to travel between schools and GHTX regions 30% of time
Salary Range:
How To Apply: Interested candidates may apply by going to: https://phg.tbe.taleo.net/phg04/ats/careers/v2/viewRequisition?org=GREATHEARTS&cws=40&rid=1363

Contact Person:

Name: Bobby Goodrich
Email: bgoodrich@greatheartsamerica.org
Address: 12500 San Pedro Ave. Suite 500
City: San Antonio
State: TX
Zip: 75216
Phone: (972) 369-2840