Katy ISD - Manager, Instructional Technology

Job Details

Region: 4
School District/Employer: Katy ISD
District Category/Employer: Central Office
Position: Manager
Assignment Level: Level
  • High School
  • Technology
Core Subjects
  • Technology Applications
  • Technology Education
Job Title: Manager, Instructional Technology
School: Katy ISD
Campus Description: https://www.katyisd.org/domain/3776
Date Posted: 2/1/2023
Openings: 1
Commitment: Full Time
Description/Notes: Primary Purpose:
To provide the technology pedagogy, technical expertise and innovative direction that will
manage and assist with the integration of technology resources into core content that supports
the goals of Katy ISD.
Major Responsibilities and Duties:
1. Manage the development, organization, and training of the technology resources that are
available to teachers and students that support anytime, anywhere learning for all core
content areas.
2. Manages and leads the integration of technology for the purpose of well-designed and
delivered content that supports anytime, anywhere learning for students and teachers.
3. Supervises the Classroom Technology Designer(s).
4. Model the effective use of technology integration strategies into curriculum and
instructional practices across core content areas.
5. Oversees the instructional technology resources that are embedded into the core content
leverage the Katy ISD Cornerstones, pedagogy and best practices set forth by the
Teaching & Learning Department.
6. Coordinate and design of instructional technology workshops, research, and individual
training opportunities for staff and teachers to ensure the best use of technology.
7. Provide professional development to the instructional leaders on best practices and uses
for technology at the District and campus level.
8. Manage and coordinate the communication of resources to students, teachers, and
9. Maintain the appropriate professional and student instructional training resources for the
purpose of documentation that can be used for the knowledge base and professional
10. Participates actively in meetings, workshops for the purpose of conveying and/or
gathering information required to perform job functions.
1. Collaborate within the Technology Department as well as Teaching & Learning
Department to create the best methods for delivering technology integrated
lessons to teachers and students.
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2. Serve as an ambassador for innovative technologies and best teaching practices
with campuses, parents, and community.
3. Assist with the facilitation of school activities that promote the campus technology
to parents and community.
4. Work collaboratively with other departments.
5. Exhibit professional attitude, attire, and communication at all times.
Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree
Minimum of three years classroom experience
Texas Teaching Certification
Demonstrated ability as an instructional leader with both adults and students
Proven leadership skills
Demonstrated capacity to be self-directed, organized, and collaborative with all staff members
Demonstrate ability in the research, development and delivery of innovative technologies
Salary Range: $403 - $561 per day - see I04 - https://www.katyisd.org/cms/lib/TX50010808/Centricity/Domain/5526/2023%20hiring%20schedules.pdf
Benefits: Katy ISD Benefits - https://katybenefits.org/
How To Apply: Visit Katy ISD website to apply for position

Contact Person:

Name: Darlene Rankin
Email: DarleneBRankin@katyisd.org
Address: P.O. Box 159
City: Katy
State: TX
Zip: 77492-0159
Phone: (281) 396-2274
Fax: (281) 644-1800