Sherman ISD - Chief Academic Officer

Job Details

Region: 10
School District/Employer: Sherman ISD
District Category/Employer: Central Office
Assignment Level:
Job Title: Chief Academic Officer
School: Sherman ISD
Campus Description:
Date Posted: 9/22/2022
Deadline: Until Filled
Openings: 1
Commitment: Full Time
Description/Notes: Interested applicants must complete the Sherman ISD application at and submit the required documentation as outlined on the ShermanISD webpage.

Primary Purpose:
Responsible for the overall implementation of the district’s curriculum and instruction function. Lead the strategic planning and implementation of curriculum and instruction programs. Ensure that the development and delivery of curriculum and instructional programs are effective and efficient, incorporate district goals, and support student achievement.

Instructional and Program Management
1. Oversee the development and delivery of curriculum and instructional programs that incorporate district goals and support student achievement.
2. Lead the district-level decision-making process to establish and review the district’s goals and objectives and major classroom instructional programs. Ensure that goals and objectives are developed using effective collaborative processes and problem-solving techniques.
3. Monitor and reevaluate instructional programs on an ongoing basis using input from teachers and principals, applied research, and student data to determine effectiveness and improve outcomes. Recommend changes and adjustments where appropriate.
4. Ensure that the necessary time, resources, materials, and technology to support accomplishment of education goals are available.
5. Collaborate with curriculum specialists, principals, teachers, and other instructional staff to develop, maintain, and revise curriculum documents based on a systematic review and analysis.
6. Engage instructional staff in evaluating and selecting instructional tools and materials to meet student learning needs.
7. Actively support the efforts of others to achieve district goals and objectives and campus performance objectives (academic excellence indicators).
8. Facilitate the use of technology in the teaching-learning process.
9. Oversee staff development programs and ensure that effective activities that support instructional programs, incorporate input from teachers and principals, and are consistent with the district’s mission are provided.
10. Participate in the implementation of the designated teacher appraisal system.
11. Conduct formal documented visits to all campuses to evaluate instructional programs, student academic progress on TEKS, CIP, T-TESS/T-PESS, and walkthroughs, lesson plans, and support from other departments, staff development, tutoring and any other concerns from the principal.
12. Coordinate and participate in the district-level decision-making process to establish and review the district’s academic program goals and objectives and major classroom instructional programs of the district.
13. Serve as a liaison between the district directors, departments and campus administration to ensure that all district academic and student service initiatives, state and local requirements and policies are followed.
14. Secure consultants, specialists, and other community resources for principals and supervised instructional staff to assist in attaining objectives.
15. Promote a positive climate through effective teambuilding group dynamics and change strategies.
16. Facilitate the development and evaluation of the District and Campus Improvement Plan.
17. Oversee federal programs and ensure applications and compliance timelines are met and implemented appropriately.
18. Oversee the district’s summer activities and academic programs.
19. Provide assistance to the campus administrators and instructional staff concerning the teaching and learning process.
20. Oversee the development, revision and distribution of the district Code of Conduct and Student Handbooks.
21. Oversee district student attendance.
22. Supervise and conduct formal investigations regarding student issues, complaints or concerns presented by parents.

Policy, Reports, and Law
23. Ensure compliance with policies established by federal and state law, State Board of Education rule, and local board policy in curriculum and instruction area.
24. Compile, maintain, and file all reports, records, and other documents as required.
25. Follow district safety protocols and emergency procedures.
26. Develop and administer the curriculum and instruction budget based on documented program needs and ensure that operations are cost effective and funds are managed prudently.

Personnel Management
27. Prepare, review, and revise job descriptions in curriculum and instruction department as needed.
28. Evaluate job performance of employees to ensure effectiveness.
29. Select, train, evaluate, and supervise staff and make recommendations relative to assignment, retention, discipline, and dismissal.

30. Ensure that established goals and expectations related to implementation of the curriculum and instruction programs are communicated clearly, consistently, and in a timely manner.
31. Establish and maintain a professional relationship and open communication with principals, teachers, staff, parents, and community members.

Community Relations
32. Articulate the district’s mission, instructional philosophy, and curriculum implementation strategies to the community and solicit its support in realizing district’s mission.
33. Demonstrate awareness of district-community needs and initiate activities to meet those needs.
34. Use appropriate and effective techniques to encourage community and parent involvement.

35. Prepare and deliver written and oral presentations on curriculum and instruction issues to the board, principals, teachers, parents, and community groups. Attend regular meetings of the board.
36. Stay abreast of current research and best practices in curriculum and instruction and adjust plans, policies, and procedures accordingly.
37. Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws related to curriculum and instruction. Stay abreast of state and federal public policy changes that could impact the district.
38. Perform other duties as may be assigned.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
Supervise, evaluate, and recommend the hiring and firing of instructional supervisors and support staff in the curriculum department.

Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:
Tools/Equipment Used: Standard office equipment including personal computer and peripherals
Posture: Prolonged sitting; occasional bending/stooping, pushing/pulling, and twisting
Motion: Repetitive hand motions, frequent keyboarding and use of mouse; occasional reaching;
Lifting: Occasional light lifting and carrying (less than 15 pounds)
Environment: Frequent districtwide travel; occasional statewide travel
Mental Demands: Work with frequent interruptions; maintain emotional control under stress

Qualifications: Education/Certification:
Master’s Degree
Doctorate, preferred

Special Knowledge/Skills:
Knowledge of curriculum and instruction
Ability to interpret data and evaluate instructional programs and teaching effectiveness
Ability to manage budget and personnel
Ability to implement policy and procedures
Strong communication, public relations, and interpersonal skills

Three years of teaching experience, preferred
Three years campus/leadership experience, preferred
Salary Range: Admin/Professional 10

$120,500 - $163,000
How To Apply: Interested applicants must complete the Sherman ISD application at and submit the required documentation as outlined on the ShermanISD webpage.

Contact Person:

Name: Jill O'Neal
Address: P.O. Box 1176
City: Sherman
State: TX
Zip: 75091-1176
Phone: (903) 891-6400
Fax: (903) 891-6407