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ESC School District/Employer Position Job Title Posted
ESC17 District/Employer PositionTeacher TitleJH/HS Agriculture Science Teacher Posted3/24/2021
ESC17 District/EmployerDenver City ISD PositionCounselor TitleDodson Primary School Counselor Posted2/25/2021
ESC13 District/EmployerSchulenburg ISD PositionTeacher TitleBAND DIRECTOR /Music Teacher Posted9/8/2020
ESC20 District/EmployerFloresville ISD PositionCoordinator TitleCoordinator of Federal Programs & Assessment Posted11/25/2019
ESC13 District/EmployerSchulenburg ISD PositionTeacher TitleCATE - PRINCIPALS OF AG, SPEECH, SMALL ANIMAL SCIENCE TEACHER Posted5/6/2019
ESC5 District/EmployerKirbyville CISD PositionTeacher TitleMath Teacher (6-8) Posted4/24/2019
ESC13 District/EmployerWimberley ISD PositionTeacher TitleScience Teacher - Danforth Junior High - Grades 6-8 (23-24 SY) Posted5/9/2018
ESC7 District/EmployerWells ISD PositionTeacher TitleHigh School Science Teacher Posted3/26/2018
ESC7 District/EmployerLaneville ISD Position TitleSubstitute Bus Drivers Posted3/23/2018
ESC18 District/EmployerTerrell County ISD PositionTeacher TitleSecondary Math Teacher / Coach Posted3/21/2018
ESC20 District/EmployerFloresville ISD PositionTeacher TitleTeacher - Elementary [EC-6] *2023-2024 Posted2/8/2018
ESC20 District/EmployerFloresville ISD PositionTeacher TitleTeacher - Secondary *2023-2024 Posted2/8/2018
ESC7 District/EmployerLaneville ISD Position TitleBus Driver Posted9/18/2017
ESC13 District/EmployerKi Charter Academy PositionPsychologist TitleLSSP-San Marcos Posted8/8/2017
ESC20 District/EmployerFloresville ISD PositionTeacher TitleAthletic Trainer / Teacher - Sports Medicince Posted6/15/2017
ESC7 District/EmployerWells ISD PositionTeacher TitleCTE Teacher Posted5/17/2017
ESC20 District/EmployerMedina ISD PositionCounselor TitleSchool Counselor Posted5/9/2017
ESC17 District/EmployerDenver City ISD Position TitleBusiness Manager Posted1/12/2017
ESC7 District/EmployerLaneville ISD PositionTeacher TitleMath Teacher Jr.High Posted11/30/2016
ESC20 District/EmployerPoteet ISD PositionLibrarian TitleLIBRARIAN Posted6/23/2015