Waelder ISD - Kindergarten Teacher

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Region: 13
School District/Employer: Waelder ISD
District Category/Employer: Campus
Position: Teacher
Assignment Level: Level
  • Elementary
Job Title: Kindergarten Teacher
School: Waelder School
Campus Description:
Date Posted: 10/16/2020
Openings: 1
Commitment: Full Time
Description/Notes: Greetings Fellow Educator!

At Waelder Elementary our virtual participation rate has dropped dramatically and live, in-person instruction has increased. In addition, staff who live out of the district have transferred their children to our school (a staff perk) as it has become apparent and word has spread about our enhanced hygiene protocols.As a result, our Kindergarten class needs to be split. Once split, each class will have about 12-14 students.

Your potentially future co-teacher in Kinder has a sunny disposition, is a veteran teacher good at mentoring others, and is bilingual - so our students who are mostly Spanish speaking will remain with her when we transition from one class to two.

The elementary staff is a mixture of veteran staff, several returning to the smaller environs of a 1A school, with two alternative certification staff, one just beginning and another completing the process.

Waelder is southeast of Luling, southwest of Smithville, south of Bastrop, east of Flatonia, west of Seguin, and north of Gonzales.

We have low discipline, an accommodating administration, and the level of bureaucracy is greatly reduced.

Safety Protocols (Condensed Version)
New staff member dedicated to hygiene response all-day
Ultraviolet a/c filter systems in high traffic areas
Exponentially expanded outdoor seating for class and lunch use
Ultraviolet water dispensers with individual single-use cones/cups have supplanted traditional water fountains
Students do not bring anything to school - supplies provided by the school
Temperatures are taken at the door or upon entering the bus on a route
Students receive wristbands to designate temperatures have been taken
Masks provided daily to students, students wearing custom masks must rotate between distinguishably different masks each day.
An assortment of PPE provided to staff to custom fit individual's needs; Mask & Goggles/Glasses Minimum
Sanitizing procedure:-Students wipe surfaces w/baby wipes, staff with sanitizing wipes, and when exiting a room sanitizing spray. Subsequently, a Hygiene Specialist applies Hydrogen Peroxide Fast Drying Fog during non-instructional periods.
No visitors to campus including parents without an appointment and then only rarely.
Elementary student crossover greatly reduced.
Hallway spacing at 6-foot intervals in place with students showing a high degree of compliance and understanding throughout the elementary building.
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Contact Person:

Name: Tiana Landry
Email: tianalandry@waelderisd.org
Address: P.O. Box 247
City: Waelder
State: TX
Zip: 78959-0247
Phone: (832) 922-3888
Fax: (830) 788-7429