Job Details

Region: 13
School District/Employer: Orenda Education
District Category/Employer: Campus, Charter/Private
Assignment Level: Level
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • Special Education
School: New Horizons School, Goldthwaite, TX
Campus Description: POSITION SUMMARY:
Reports directly to the principal. This position entails: under the direction of the principal, to teach and instruct students in grades K-12, or a combination of these grade levels in academic, social, behavioral, and other educational skill areas; to plan, develop, organize, and conduct a comprehensive educational program for all students; to work in conjunction with the residential treatment center for the students’ best interest academically, socially, behaviorally, emotionally, and psychologically; to focus on reading, writing, and communication skills; to do other related functions as required.
Date Posted: 3/25/2020
Deadline: Until Filled
Openings: 1
Commitment: Full Time
Description/Notes: POSITION SUMMARY:
Assists in the planning and implementation of academic activities that meets the individual needs of the student. Works as part of a team of educators to create and produce curriculum for students. Responsible for regular notes that reflect the academic and interactive progress of students.

• Assessment testing for newly admitted students
• Support and encouragement to students in assisting them in learning and completing assignments
• Feedback on student completed assignments
• Supervision of students in the daily milieu
• Documents students’ progress on a regular basis
• Other duties as assigned

• Protects confidentiality of students and peers
• Participates in gathering assessment information for each student and, as a team member, plan for student success
• Advocates for and responds to the needs of students
• Approaches responsibilities with enthusiasm, dedication, and energy
• Punctual so the team is in attendance at the start of school
• Performs duties efficiently and is self-motivated to problem solve

• Interacts with students, families, visitors and co-workers with respect
• Approaches others with a positive attitude
• Refrains from gossip
• Offers problem-solving ideas
• Strives for professional excellence
• Follows dress code
• Adheres to policies and procedures
Qualifications: Required:
* Must have at least one of the following:
- Associate's Degree or higher
- Completed two years of Study at an Institute of Higher Education (48 hours)
- Passed a rigorous state or local assessment demonstrating knowledge of, and the ability to assist in; instructing reading, writing and math. (Paraprofessional Academy through Education Service Center)
*Experience or training implementing behavior support with Special Education Students

*Previous experience with children in a professional educational setting.

*Ability to plan and carry out activities for students that promote cooperative, support interactions.
Salary Range: Compensation is $11.30-$18.10 per hours depending on experience.

220 days
Benefits: Should you enroll in TRS medical, Orenda Education makes a $378 monthly contribution towards employees' premiums.

TRS ACTIVE CARE Aetna Health Insurance
* Active Care 1-HD
* Active Care Select
* Active Care II
* First Care (Goldthwaite, TX only)
* Scott & White HMO
How To Apply: Visit www.orendaeducation.org under careers to submit an application.

Please attach Cover Letter, Resume and References

Contact Person:

Name: Teresa Moreno
Email: teresa.moreno@orendaeducation.org
Address: 2951 Williams Drive
City: Georgetown
State: TX
Zip: 78628
Phone: (512) 869-3020