Sherman ISD - Director of Elementary Education

Job Details

Region: 10
School District/Employer: Sherman ISD
District Category/Employer: Central Office
Position: Director
Assignment Level: Level
  • Elementary
Job Title: Director of Elementary Education
School: Sherman ISD - Central Administration
Campus Description: Central Administration
Date Posted: 1/13/2020
Deadline: Until Filled
Openings: 1
Commitment: Full Time
Description/Notes: Provide district level oversight and direction to elementary curriculum and instruction to ensure implementation of curriculum and effective teaching strategies. Direct elementary staff development tailored to campus needs and supporting district initiatives. Model effective communication, technology skills, planning practices, data analysis, and teaching strategies in all areas of work. Highlight success and initiate change in all areas in need of improvement as it relates to teaching and learning. Support and monitor Federal programs.
Qualifications: Education/Certification:
Master’s degree from accredited university
Valid Texas teaching certificate and principal certificate
Demonstrated competency in one or more core academic subject areas

Special Knowledge/Skills:
Knowledge of one or more core academic subject areas
Expertise in the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of curriculum
Understanding of current research and ability to model effective instructional strategies
Skilled in analyzing and interpreting data to inform instruction and intervention
Strong analytical, organizational, communication, interpersonal, and technology skills

Major Responsibilities and Duties:
Elementary Curriculum
1. Ensure the implementation of curriculum according to the components of an effective curriculum in all areas assessed under state and federal accountability systems.
2. Monitor the implementation of curriculum and inform district and campus level administration of program effectiveness. This includes conducting curriculum audits, reporting findings, and providing direction for improvement.
3. Work with campus level administration and teachers to provide support for the implementation and maintenance of curriculum according to district initiatives and the components of an effective curriculum. This may include, but not limited to, maintaining proper scope and sequence, lesson quality, level of rigor, and assessment of curriculum.

Elementary Instruction
4. Monitor teaching and learning strategies, provide support for teachers in need of assistance, and inform campus level administration so that instruction is effective and at a level that ensures grade level, course, and postsecondary success/readiness.
5. Work with staff to support the creation of lessons that are aligned with the taught curriculum and inclusive of effective instructional strategies at a level of rigor required of all assessments and post secondary readiness.
6. As needed or called upon, model effective instructional strategies in the classroom.
7. Support the instructional coach on the campus.

Elementary Staff Development
8. Assess campus and district needs in relation to staff development.
9. Direct staff development by obtaining in-district and out-of-district trainers according to district initiatives and determined needs based on assessment data and staff input. This includes all staff integral in the teaching and learning process. Work within budgets provided for staff development.
10. Maintain a need-based program of effective staff development for the district and apprise all staff of offerings.
11. Direct new teacher induction and oversee support on an ongoing basis.
12. Provide staff development geared to assistant principals and aspiring instructional leaders.
13. Ensure appropriate evaluation and ongoing support for staff development initiatives. Respond to staff development evaluations with proper awareness to administration and change (when applicable).

Mentoring of Elementary Personnel
14. Mentor newly hired instructional support staff in the area of instructional leadership.

Assessment and Data Analysis
15. Work with campuses to establish, implement, and maintain common unit assessments aligned to the taught curriculum at a high level of rigor.
16. Analyze state and local assessment data and inform campus and district level administration of progress on a regular basis.
17. Work with all staff to continuously improve student performance based on analysis of data and focus on SE’s in need of attention.
18. Analyze progress according to student groups and special programs in an effort to evaluate and improve in all areas. Work with district level administration, campus principals, and teachers to support success by student group and program area.

19. Use technology to strengthen the teaching and learning process for the district.
20. Provide support to campuses in all Internet and computer-based programs that support teaching and learning (e.g., TRS, Eduphoria, etc…).
21. Keep current on teaching and learning instructional technology and understand how it supports student performance in all areas of instruction.
22. Understand and support the Curriculum Management System and all staff functioning within this system, which may include training, advising, data input, and reporting.

Legal Requirements and Compliance
23. Provide information and data for completing state and federal reports related to curriculum, instruction, staff development, and related special programs.
24. Ensure compliance with SBOE, TEA, federal and state requirements and local policy related to curriculum implementation, instruction, and staff development.
25. Remain informed and comply with state, district, and school policies related to curriculum, instruction, and staff development.

Vertical Teaming, Planning, and Alignment
26. Work with secondary to ensure that curriculum and instruction are vertically aligned.
27. Coordinate vertical planning activities to inform curriculum and instruction across the grade levels.
28. Analyze data from a vertical perspective and report back to feeder campuses to inform instruction (i.e., report and discuss 5th grade science results with elementary campus educators).

Special Programs
29. Direct the Elementary Gifted and Talented program. Ensure program compliance according to state guidelines, including program evaluation.

Supervision of Personnel
30. No direct (evaluative) supervision of personnel is needed but may be added whenever deemed necessary.

Professionalism, Communication, and Additional Responsibilities
31. Maintain a professional relationship with supervisors, colleagues, students, parents, and community members.
32. Use effective communication skills to present information accurately and clearly.
33. Participate in staff development activities to improve job-related skills.
34. Direct, attend, and participate in meetings, including Professional Learning Communities.
35. Maintain professionalism at all times in order to set a high standard of excellence as a leader in the district for all teaching and learning.
36. Duties may be added as determined by immediate supervisor to support district functions. Director of Elementary

Education Working Conditions Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

Maintain professionalism, emotional control under stress, and a demanding schedule that may require difficult conversations, long/odd hours, travel and adhering to tight deadlines.

Salary Range:
How To Apply: Interested applicants must complete the Sherman ISD application at and submit the required documentation as outlined on the ShermanISD webpage.

Contact Person:

Name: Jill O'Neal
Address: P.O. Box 1176
City: Sherman
State: TX
Zip: 75091-1176
Phone: (903) 891-6400
Fax: (903) 891-6407