Orenda Education - PEIMS COORDINATOR

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Region: 13
School District/Employer: Orenda Education
District Category/Employer:
Assignment Level: Level
  • Elementary
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Office Support
School: Orenda Education
Campus Description: Mission: To create new and innovative school choice opportunities for families seeking an alternative to the large, more traditional public school systems.

Vision: To be a leader in the school choice movement, providing life-changing academic instruction to students who may not reach their academic and human potential in the large, more traditional public school system.

Purpose: The Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. Orenda Education is also the not-for-profit sponsoring entity for Orenda Charter Schools, an “open- enrollment charter school” district. A charter school is a public school sponsored by a private, not-for-profit organization.
Date Posted: 12/2/2019
Deadline: Until Filled
Openings: 1
Commitment: Part Time
Description/Notes: POSITION SUMMARY:
Coordinate the collection, auditing, and reporting of district PEIMS and data submissions. Assist the Superintendent/COO in specific tasks necessary to maintain an efficient and organized charter district.

1. Organization (appointments/ details are not forgotten, lost, missed; time is not wasted)
2. Motivates and empowers appropriate decision making and/or process participation
3. Organization (appointments/ details are not forgotten, lost, missed; time is not wasted)
4. Motivates and empowers appropriate decision making and/or process participation
5. Oral communication (effective communication skills in one-to-one, staff meetings, and other settings)
6. Written communication (memos, reports, policies, accurately convey information)
7. Use of socialized power (builds coalitions/networks of people to get things accomplished)
8. Contributes to the efficiency of the organization
9. Proactive (initiates new actions and takes responsibility for new risks)
10. Judgment/decisiveness (tough-minded, willing to make the hard decisions)
11. Demonstrates commitment to service and contributes to a positive, caring environment
12. Provides access to critical and timely information

1. Coordinate the collection, integration, and formatting of all data required for PEIMS submission according to PEIMS Data Standards and Student Attendance Accounting Handbook.
2. Keep principals and/or administrators informed of any changes in the PEIMS requirements.
3. Work cooperatively with campus, business office, and district staff to collect, organize, and format data required to submit district PEIMS data in a timely manner.
4. Establish reporting timelines between campuses and district offices to ensure accurate and timely submissions of data.
5. Provides updated attendance information to the Superintendent after every 6-Week School Period
6. Understands and complies with PEIMS code procedures outlined in the PEIMS Data Standards
7. Coordinate auditing of district PEIMS data against campus records and generate reports on findings.
8. Submits monthly reports to Superintendent and Business Manager to be reported to TEA State Funding based on student attendance information for compensatory education funding
9. Submits 6-Week district attendance reports to business staff
10. Run reports and verification checks on data at least every 6 weeks to ensure accuracy of information and send to appropriate personnel for verification.
11. Distribute edits and reports to appropriate staff for analysis, verification, and correction.
12. Provides assistance to superintendent and principal(s) in the development of campus master schedules.
13. Verify data submitted to TEA and submit corrections in a timely manner.
14. Submit complete and accurate student health data to the appropriate state organization by the communicated deadline.
15. Create and maintain spreadsheets required by district and campus personnel.
16. Maintain complete and accurate records as required in state and federal guidelines.
17. Develops procedures necessary to ensure district’s coding structures conform to PEIMS Data Standards and ensures proper and timely submission of accurate district PEIMS data

1. Provide training and support to campuses including campus registrars and principals, business staff, and district staff responsible for processing PEIMS data.
2. Receive PEIMS and data-related information from ESC and TEA and disseminate to other staff in a timely manner including updates to PEIMS Data Standards.
3. Attend regional PEIMS workshops and disseminate information to appropriate staff.
4. Consult with ESC to obtain clarification and guidance.
5. Checks the TEA PEIMS website frequently for the latest updates and changes
6. Provides assistance and support to district and campus personnel in all areas of PEIMS and student data reporting and records such as student, attendance, grade reporting, health, and special programs.

1. Maintains SIS database so it is ready for PEIMS submissions
2. Correct PET/PID errors in SIS
3. Check all required reports to ensure accuracy
4. Creates and maintains databases for district and campus personnel as needed
5. Completes state required reports to save throughout school year to have as needed on file
6. Run requested reports from SIS as needed

1. Assists the school Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, and Principals in various projects or duties as assigned
2. Maintains spreadsheets and files
3. Assists in collecting/disaggregating data for obtaining grant funding and other purposes, as requested by principals and district staff
4. Compile, maintain, and file all physical and computerized reports, records, and other required documents.
5. Comply with policies established by federal and state law, State Board of Education role, and local policy.
6. Greets visitors
7. Answers phone/takes messages
8. Monitors sign-in/sign out process
9. Covers classes during lunches/testing/absences/emergencies as necessary
10. Completes special projects as assigned to support campus
11. Makes copies, faxes information, distributes mail

1. Protects confidentiality of staff, students, and peers
2. Consistently anticipates the needs of the customer and puts those needs first
3. Promotes enthusiasm, dedication, self-motivation
4. Shows up on time
5. Manages time effectively

1. Treats parents, staff, students and co-workers with respect
2. Maintains positive attitude
3. Offers problem-solving ideas
4. Strives for professional excellence
5. Demonstrates high standards of personal appearance
6. Adheres to policies and procedures

Complete, accurate, and timely submission of:
1. PEIMS Fall Submission (this information represents student Snap Shot Date ADA, staff information and budget approved by Board)
2. PEIMS Midyear Submission (this information represents auditors’ report)
3. PEIMS Summer Submission (this information represents number of students who attended school during fiscal year with special programming conditions)
4. Annual Immunization Report
5. Annual Health Screenings Report
6. Monthly Compensatory Attendance Reports
7. 6-Week Attendance Reports
8. Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Report
9. Other Report (specify)
Complete and accurate maintenance of:
1. Student Records including leaver documentation
2. Other required records and reports
• Education/Certification
Minimum of high school diploma with 2 years of college; four-year degree preferred.
• Experience
Two years of district level experience. Working knowledge and prior experience with TEAMS preferred.
• Special Knowledge/Skills
Ability to maintain accurate and auditable records
Ability to use personal computer and software to develop spreadsheets, databases, and do word processing
Proficient typing, keyboarding, and file maintenance skills
Ability to meet established deadlines
Strong organization, communication, and interpersonal skills
Ability to become Notary Public

Salary Range: $17.34 - $22.49

Part Time, 4 Hours per day, M-F.
Benefits: Should you enroll in TRS medical, Orenda Education makes a $378 monthly contribution towards employees' premiums.

TRS ACTIVE CARE Aetna Health Insurance
* Active Care 1-HD
* Active Care Select
* Active Care II
* First Care (Limited to certain counties only)
* Scott & White HMO
How To Apply: Visit www.orendaeducation.org under careers to submit an application.

Please attach Cover Letter, Resume and References

Contact Person:

Name: Teresa Moreno
Email: teresa.moreno@orendaeducation.org
Address: 2951 Williams Drive
City: Georgetown
State: TX
Zip: 78628
Phone: (512) 869-3020