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Region: 12
School District/Employer: Orenda Education
District Category/Employer: Central Office, Charter/Private
Position: Director
Assignment Level: Level
  • Elementary
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Special Education
School: Orenda Charter Schools
Campus Description: Founded in 1995, Orenda Education is a private not-for-profit charter school management organization developing a network of schools and educational programs in Texas for students in grades K-12. Under our Orenda Charter Schools subsidiary we operate public charter schools that offer another school choice for families looking for a public school that may be a better fit for their child.

Orenda currently owns and operates five charter school campuses in Texas with a total district enrollment of 1,300. Each campus serves a community educational niche that differs from the large traditional school model in several ways, from the smaller school size, project based learning and integration of twenty first century learning technology in all classes. With its existing assets, infrastructure, and systems in place, the organized is poised to grow to seven campuses and a total district enrollment of 2,000 through same school student enrollment growth and de novo school student enrollment growth over the next several years.
Date Posted: 12/2/2019
Deadline: Until Filled
Openings: 1
Commitment: Full Time
Description/Notes: POSITION SUMMARY:
The function of the Special Education Director is to provide, within legal and professional standards, an organizational framework in which efficient and appropriate special education programs can be delivered to students with exceptional educational needs.

SCOPE: The Director of Special Education is responsible for the development, placement, implementation and evaluation of programs and services for students with disabilities.


• Assist, support, and supervise the planning, development, and teaching in a program designed to meet special education needs.
• Coordinate and supervise the day-to-day operation of special education programs.
• Participate in parent conferences and training.
• Collaborate with campus principals to supervise and evaluate special education staff performance and program suitability.
• Assist the evaluation-team in evaluating students and placing them in appropriate programs.
• Recommend changes and/or modifications to various special education programs.
• Conduct special education faculty meetings. Recommend materials, approaches, and methodology to teachers of students with special education needs.
• Serve as a liaison between special or regular education teachers and with community/postsecondary agencies involved in programming for individual children with disabilities.
• Assess the needs for staff development. Provide in-service for staff on special education topics.
• Establish and oversee the record keeping methods that are required for students in pupil services/special education programs. Maintain a system of uniform record keeping for various disability areas.
• Prepare all forms that are required to insure legal compliance with the state and federal laws that pertain to special education. Administer all aspects of state and federal law.
• Prepare all reports required concerning pupil services/special education.
• Submits annual reports concerning pupil services and special education to the District PEIMS Coordinator and COO.
• Records, compiles, and submits data for Residential Facility (RF) Tracker and State Performance Plan (SPP) Indicators.
• Keeps supervisor informed of his/her responsibilities concerning compliance with all laws, regulations and administrative rules that affect special education/pupil service programs.
• Consults with district administration on legal concerns; parent/student issues.
• Oversees the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of special education staff.
• Coordinates special education homebound and in-home instruction programs.
• Supervises program delivery by related service staff including speech language therapists, school psychologists, occupational therapists, and counselors.
• Coordinates the Special Education Identification Process as required by IDEA including district RtI process.
• Assists with coordinating and overseeing state assessments for special education students in the district and in special education programs.
• Oversees district 504 and dyslexia program including following all timelines, state requirements, and federal requirements.
• Participates in the budget process for state and federal funds. Prepares the application for IDEA federal funds and all corresponding reports including Maintenance of Effort.
• Oversees special education budget including revenue and expenses.

* Master’s or doctorate degree in education
* Valid license in school psychology (LSSP) or Educational Diagnostician Ceritification
* Minimum of three years experience in special education with administrative responsibilities
* Demonstrated successful experience in instructional leadership roles
* Demonstrates knowledge of state and federal guidelines for special education including testing protocol and interpreting results.
Salary Range: Compensation is $62,118 - $80,753 depending on experience.

228 Days
Benefits: Should you enroll in TRS medical, Orenda Education makes a $378 monthly contribution towards employees' premiums.

TRS Aetna Health Insurance
•Active Care 1-HD
•Active Care Select
•Active Care II
•First Care
•Scott & White
How To Apply: Visit www.orendaeducation.org under careers to submit an application on line.

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Contact Person:

Name: Teresa Moreno
Email: teresa.moreno@orendaeducation.org
Address: 2951 Williams Drive
City: Georgetown
State: TX
Zip: 78628
Phone: (512) 869-3020